[ABC020] Flácido Domingo – U’re A Fooken Jerk


Full-on, mentalistical, no holds barred, big up to the ravers, breakcore. Mo’crashes and breaks kick our website flat. Can you do the shuffle-twist? Yoko Ono definetely can. What a jerk! She shits all over track 4 when trying to engest the high hats. Luckily John Lennon saves the day with some fresh-ass kicks and his fancy drumming technique.

The carnivor carnival is outside my window, its playing lots of melodies, some spanish guitars and some space pads. I’m going to go and join the dancing slugs. This is some solid shit dude.

‘I Hate Fucking Airports!’ and ‘The King & Me Inna Whore House’ are feelgood singalong anthems for spring. They’ve been breeding in my head for the last days, multiplying like Norovirus and Staphylococcus having a swingers party. When your loves lost, and your castles destroyed, you know where to turn, you fooken jerk! PS Also great for jerking-off to.

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