[ABC019] Cancerbero – Welcome To Hell




Welcome to Hell is exactly what it suggests. Beginning with glitchy sound effects and haunted vocals, the scene for this terror metal Frenchcore/crossbreed feast is set. We’re off to a flying start, gaining turbulance and loosing height as we plumit torwards Earth. Track 2 mixes metal and tekno breaks with a dark sludgy basskick.The beats are incessant, the guitars are heavy. Track 3 is faster, with sudden chops between ideas. Thick textures and metalic noises dominate with mental breaks. Like crashing into the ground repeatedly. This EP is great, an extravaganza containing the brutality of metal and the fattest basses from Frenchcore and Hardcore. It mixes both seemlessly but the result is loud, like the concrete floor attacking your face.

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