[ABC 015] Hardon Collider w Bobby Zilch – Sausage Fest


Man, today i got vomitted on by a baby as I was walking into the toilet of my National Express coach. I was about to walk into the toilet when i made eye contact with a smiling baby. Her mother had her arms extended, holding the baby away from her, facing me. The baby suddenly vomitted with a good portion of it going down my right trouser leg, the rest all over the toilet floor which i had just opened the door to. It was dry when i arrived at my destination stop, if a bit smelly. So i put on Sausage Fest by Hardon Collider w Bobby Wilch and went to dry off. I realised as i was listening to it the fifth time over that i should have been listening to this album on the whole journey. All would have been a lot more fun and less stressful. And thats exactly what this album is. FUN. Its super exciting and very unprodictable. Bouncing and sliding along between pop samples and bigtime anthems. Mashed-up, partially digested amen percussion, sped-up and sloooowed down and rewound. Perfect for cheering you up. Some nice chiptunes and crazy female vocals. Big-up to the Sausage Fest.

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