[ABC035] Anticopyright Breakcore Compilation


[ABC035] Anticopyright Breakcore Compilation

“If creativity is the field, copyright is the fence”.
John Oswald

We believe that non-material goods can not be a property. Idea of the copyright is standing on the way of the human progress.
How many people died because of the patents on the medicine? How many futuristic things were never invented because of the copyright? How many people were imprisoned and fined for downloading a music album?

Intellectual “property” does not behave like material property. If I give you a physical object I may no longer have use or control of that thing, and may ask for something in return — some payment or barter.
But when I give you an idea, I lose nothing. I can still use that idea as I wish. I need ask nothing in return.

The laws of exchange of matter being so very different from the laws of exchange of information, any attempt to trade ideas with material goods was destined for trouble sooner or later.

Not only do people hold on to ideas for material gain, they also hang on to them for psychological gain. The ego likes to be identified as the source of a particular insight or concept. But what right has the ego to attach itself to something that was never its in the first place?
This compilation is a free gift of the best breakcore music producers for you. Originally released on the Annoying Beatz Crew netlabel.

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01 – Memero (Closebrace M Openbrace) – TrapDildo
02 – Adreim999 – Rockore
03 – Fat Frumos – dancing fever evaR
05 – Flamingo Slicer – Dickhead Millennium Copyright Act
06 – Frontcore – Quilombo
07 – The Sickless – Saving From The Nothing
08 – Well warp – vintovka (remix on Gr.Ob.)
09 – Noistruct – Steal sound before sound steals you
10 – Plastidekore-Eleji un mal dia para dejar de oler pegamento
11 – The Sound Of The Fox – We are ready to party
12 – Ms. Gyroscope – VAMPIRE VALENTINE
13 – The Cloudfags Union – Belladonna
14 – Dm.Stage – Boom Slow Fall
16 – PLOM – la magnificència del món de la cançó a mitges
17 – Undressoler – What’s the matter
18 – Braincancer – BUTERBROD_WARNING
19 – Criteria for future – Otgoloski protivorechiy
20 – Ljudit Andersson – Flöjten flyger
21 – Natàs.Phisröw-ShipShipShip
22 – Fed – Tina
23 – Puppenspieler+-+Human+Factor
24 – Refused – liberation frequency (Jahweh Remix)
25 – AlloSaurus – Süsteem
26 – SyndraSound – Luminous Sky
27 – D!rt & Odörs – D!rt & Odörs – 04 Agáchense Toditos
28 – NECROdog – It’s My Life

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