[ABC034] Akira Keinehoffnung and Flamingo Slicer SPLIT


Artist Name: Akira Keinehoffnung
Artist Name: Flamingo Slicer
Release Name: Split
Label: Annoying Beatz Crew [ABC034]
Format: wav or flac or mp3 * 08

This hilarious album is the essence of chipcore. Akira KeineHoffnung is starting with super sweet chiptunes and
then kicking with the speedcore/metall, crazy apocaliptic melodies, 8 bit sounds, hardcore and allmost extratone sometimes.
Last tune (You can do it) is more about broken beats with impossibly sweet and beautiful melodies. Amens are playing the role of
additional instrument. Very deep.

Flamingo Slicer is completely bringing you to the 8 bit world. I remember once i smoked salvia and got to the 2D world, where
everything was flat. And people were going like in some arcade-game from the dendy era. At some point i was not able to say which world
was real – maybe real world is 2D and I smoked the salvia and imagined myself in the 3d world. But it was just a hallucination.
So somehow Flamingo slicer reminded me this experience. It is also balancing on the border of 2D and 3D world. And finishing with the
massive clash of civilizations.

01 – Akira KeineHoffnung – Moment of Silence
02 – Akira KeineHoffnung – Wake Up!
03 – Akira KeineHoffnung – People Sucks
04 – Akira KeineHoffnung – You Can Do It
05 Flamingo Slicer – Midnight Music
06 Flamingo Slicer – Far Away
07 Flamingo Slicer – Permafrost
08 Flamingo Slicer – Yearning

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