Homofobia in the breakcore, jungle and raggatek music.


  In the last years there  is a lot of super great breakcore appeared in the non-english speaking countries. Also the using  of ragga-acapellas is super popular now in the breakcore, jungle and (obviously) in ragga-tek scenes. So both this factors created a problem of using the homophobic accapelas in the tracks. For the people who don’t understand the Jamaican patoa it might sounds just like rhythmical BLABLABLA; so people are using Sizzla’s and Beennie Man’s accapelas massively. Need to admit the junglists are sampling the homophobes from the 90’s.

First some facts. Jamaica is not an island of love and marijuana. It’s a super violent criminalized society with the massive religious background. As you might hear before every religion is homophobic and especially the orthodox Christianity and rastafarianism. Gays are being beaten up and killed allover the island.

  “Jamaica has a heavily male-dominated social structure. Consequently, adultery and fornication are praised as signs of male virility in the lyrics of popular songs, particularly in Jamaican dancehall. Homosexuality (i.e., buggery) in this context is seen as a potential affront to the male “ideal”. The virulent forms of homophobia in Jamaica are attributable to norms of hyper-masculinity, which is roughly equivalent to the sexual behaviours associated with machismo in Central and South America.

Jamaican male sexual identity has long been defined in opposition to homosexuality.According to Dr. Kingsley Ragashanti Stewart, a professor of anthropology at the University of the West Indies, “A lot of Jamaican men, if you call them a homosexual, … will immediately get violent. It’s the worst insult you could give to a Jamaican man. Dr. Stewart believes that homophobia influences almost every aspect of life and shapes the everyday language of ghetto youth. “It’s like if you say, ‘Come back here,’ they will say, ‘No, no, no don’t say ‘come back’.’ You have to say ‘come forward,’ because come back is implying that you’re ‘coming in the back,’ which is how gay men have sex.”

So the music from the reggae paradise is heavily poisoned by the anti-gay hatred. There are only few exceptions of the Jamaican artist that openly stood-up against homophobia – Mista Majah P and Tanya Stephens. Both  doesn’t live in Jamaica.  If you know more examples live the comment please;).

So think twice before you will use the accapela from the samplepack. For the addition little Jamaican vocabulary:

Dem say, “Bun dung queer!” – The Rastas say, “Burn down the queers!”)

Chi chi – Gay, homosexual, queer. Chi-chi man. (Gay man.)

Battyman – “Batty” is slang meaning buttocks.Battyman is a pejorative term for men who have sex with men, as anal sex is seen as the act that defines them.

“Battyman fi dead” –  gay men should be dead/killed; gay men must die

“Battyman mus’ dead” – gay men should be dead/killed; gay men must die

Sodomite –  derogatory term for woman who has sex with a woman

Man on man fi dead –  gay men should be dead

Synonims of battyman:
MAUMA MAN (Maama Man),
FASSY HOLE (or simply FASSY),
CHI CHI MAN (chi chi, in Jamaica, is the slang for vermin).

Ah fish dat –     he’s gay
Yah Bambaclaat Batiman! – Your Fucking Gay
Tif tif boy – gay boy or fag or homosexual
Why man waan wine man in front a I man? – Why does a man want to dance with another man in front of me?
That caan gwann inna my land – That can’t go on in my land
Gimme tha tech-nine – Give me the Tech nine (Machine gun)
Shoot dem like bird – Shoot them (gays) like birds
Two women gonna hock up inna bed – Two women in bed
That’s two Sodomites dat fi dead – That’s two lesbians who should be dead
When yuh hear a Sodomite get raped – When you hear of a lesbian getting raped
But a fi wi fault –  It’s not our fault.

The list of the most homophobics songs in the dancehall




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