[ABC033] The Sound Of The Fox – My secret bangers

my secret bangers

Knock knock. after a long pause the new album of The Sound Of The Fox is out on Annoying Beatz Crew and Coma records. To say honestly this album is complete crap.I would never personally download this album and for sure would never share it with a friend.It doesn’t sound like a proper breakcore and neither hardcore or even tekno. Shitty sints are just too melodic, the beats are too primitive, and the samples are not funny at all. Never try to download this album.

01 – Sara is dancing alone
02 – I don’t like your 8 bit i like mine
03 – Mas drogas
04 – Yes I’m tripping
05 – BODYMILK PUTTIN IS A GABBA DRUNKH (The Sound Of The Fox remix)
06 – Amenizer
07 – Original jungle
08 – This Romantic tune will make you cry

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