[ABCmix002] Criteria For Failure – Live Mix At Kuznetskiy Most

kuznetski most

You are young DJ or producer and don’t know how to promote yourself ? Nobody invites you to play at the gigs? Your sexual life limited  with masturbation only,  because nobody loves the DJ’s who doesn’t play shows? Learn how to do this DIY. There is a guy that call himself “Criteria For Failure” and I tell you – this dude didn’t wait to be booked while wanking on soundcloud – he just went to the street and started to mix the most WICKED jungle tunes and it was HOT. And guess why is this so special? Because he did it in MOSCOW! Check out  his mix on the Annoying Beatz Crew and feel the real junglist vibe:

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1. London Elektricity – This Dark Matter

2. London Elektricity – Billion Dollar Gravy Live

3. Fanu – Salem

4. Sine and Fibre – Tempo Dub

5. DJ LAB – Eradication

6. Dialekt – Somebody Dead

7. Bombah – Babylon

8. 16AJ – Mash Up Di Place

9. 16AJ – Listen Keenly

10. 16AJ – Midnight Murda

11. 16AJ – Drug People

12. 16AJ – The Pirates Anthem

13. Venetian Snares – Amazon

14. Generate – Deviance (Roel Funcken rmx)

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