[ABC032] Projekt Smiley – I hate music EP

I Hate Music EP cover

We  are glad to release to the big world this multi-genre producer called Projekt Smiley.
As you probably understood from the name this release will make you smile:). Starting with the jungle tunes following with powerfull reeze bass raggacore in FFF style and jumping to the 8 bit world where all the reality is in 2-D dimension and plastic pixelized lego people smiling while staring to the square-shaped sun, then following with the super-melodic space amen-core.
When it’s allmost crossing the border with the pop-music you’re getting another surprize: super autenthical chip-tune with dancing beats and this is the moment when you have to be completely cold-hearted to not start dancing (if you’re not yet).
01 – This is not music (intro)
02 – Africa
03 – Cocain and cacao puffs
04 –  Starry Eyed (break mix)
05 – High Five For Oculuar Penetration
06 – The Moon’s Shoes
07 – Symbiosis

I Hate Music EP back coverDownload links:

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