[ABCmix001]The Sound Of The Fox – Oldskull breakcore mix

After the conversation about oldskul breakcore The Sound Of the Fox made a mix of the music he was listening in the begining of 2000’s and even end of the 90’s. This will be the first mix on our page. But prepare yourself  for more mixes:)


CPU War –  Teenage Destracto
F-noize – Sabotage
Mega – Beovaseline’s Amphetamine Breakdown
Dj Jesus Christ – Ys’icb
Anti-Kati – Caylipso for yr Crackpipe
Ambassador21 – Little Freedom
DHC Meinhof – Rich Kids
Buben – Zvetski
Kragle – Totsplit
Society Suckers – Dust In The Wind
Shiftplus – All You Need Is Love
M1dy – Crash
Ed Flis – Tied Up Suddenly Xanadu Heartattack
Kodek – Raggajungle Wanabee
Dj Rabies – Kick
Anti-Kati – The Return Of The King
Octagonal Eraser – ???

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