[ABC028] Hardon Collider – Neon Dream Casino [2014]


Neon Dream casino (R) is a digitally-rendered take on the
glamor of stock exchange via computer information, electronically
spiralling in bright lights and sounds, upping justifiably pulpable
consumerist thinking, which has got to mean everything.

Having the nervous frames of bodies repeatedly set into place out of
the corner of your eye, as the jazz combo act puts on another high
energy, 45-minute rendition of Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits and
escapades, narrowly avoiding another run in with your ex wife
and her new hunk of a boyfriend, who gives her everything she needs
(even his own monster hits).

Order another margarita, @Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville.
It will arrive in an elegent disposable molded plastic martini glass.

Absolute showstopping breaks and cash ridden glowbowl-ized
scantily clad wallets, lobster eating buffet style, neon lights,
neon dreams, flash and style, futurist slots and gaming, fully
stocked mini bar at each slot intersection, total knowing with poker
expression, solemn vows, stapler in the office setting of,
the city’s PTSD type bus shuttle might wind up taking you to jail
instead of the casino (they’re located across the street from each
other, try to find the hidden connecting tunnels that run underground.
the Justice center also has nice overnight accomodations where you will
meet the most interesting space travelers from the Queen City and elsewhere).

Tonight, the galactic convention of light will pick one lucky winner to
divulge sacred information to, though skepticism abounds once you
return to planet Earth. Well who needs em anyway.

So empty yr pockets to dis.

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Neon Dream Casino (R)

official track list:

1. Crystal Chandeliers
2. Hirsuti
3. Contestants
4. Millionaire’s Row
5. ¥€$Divisi
6. Assy Wholehol
7. Bad Teens in Pachinko Paradise

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