[ABC026] Criteria For Freedom & Adam Henricksen – Horbunov & Henricksen EP

Horbunov & Henricksen EP - cover

‘There are these things that lie out there beyond the horizon, many have gone there, few have come back.’ Sets the tone perfectly for this new two-way colaboration between Horbunov & Henricksen. ‘If you really want to know the story, sit down and have a drink.’ And just listen!!! Acoustic on one side and electronic mashup on the other. “Carrots & Cabbage” contains snippets of what sound like phone conversations between the two artists discussing their music project. In fact, it seems to be a theme throughouts this EP, as though the artists are giving a running commentary on their music. The album has alot of space           and silences, adding to an experiemental feel. “Life Circle” I was listening to outside on my laptop and the birds in my garden were answering to the bird sounds from the music. The use of more ‘natural’ sounds in the EP balances the guitars and drums very well making the music sound more organic. “I’m Under a Little Bit of Pressure” starts like a collision of electric guitar with very short drum samples all compressed and sliced together. “If You Really Wanna Know The Story” is a total gem, with Spanish guitar and vocal samples which really carry you to the soul of flamenco. But wait, someone has spiked your sangria and now all the fruit is dancing on the table and the hand-fans have become butterflies. I have a lot of respect for this album, it has a simple concept, a collaboration, but they have really used this idea to create an original, conceptual, and highly listenable work.

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