[ABC023] Rübezahl – Trommelsalat

Trommelsalat Cover

Rübezahl is an ancient spirit from the mountains. He comes from the Karkonosze Mountains between Poland and Czech Republic. In Poland they call him “Liczyrzepa” and in Czech his name “Krakonoš”.

He is popular for his capricious behavior. In one second he can be your best friend, help you on your way through the woods and guide you, in the next second he can be cold and dark. He is equipped with strong powers. He can change his shape and even control the weather.

However, what nobody knows: After centuries living in the mountains he felt the urge to move to the city. So now he is living in Berlin. But he still needs to  make use of his incredible powers once in a while. So he chose to canalize those energy in music. Annoying Beatz Crew is proud to present the first manifestation of his forces. He spent  nearly 20 years working on that EP, because he got distracted by the temptations, a city like Berlin has to offer, but it was worth the waiting.

01 – Whats Sound Anyway
02 – Pimmelpilz
03 – Trommelsalat
04 – Quadratsäge

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