[ABC022] Bill S Preston – Hardcode Vibes

Bill S Preston - Hardcode Vibes - art

Big-up the Hardcode Vibes. Why did the lion get lost in the jungle? Because the jungle massive! Brutal-ass jungle from our Splitter friend. More drugs than the Bayer opium field extracting the vibes and sweet resin. Has total groove this album, easy on the percussion, not too fast and quite relaxed but hardcore and fat like yo mumma. It is also featuring Madonna and Busta Rymes, or whatever is left of them after being put in the food processes. It is also well mastered this album. Not too loud. Track 5 is twisted to the maximum makes me nod my head like an American in a car with super suspension. Album is more experiemental and strange than you first think because it also unsweaty, and glides along seemlessly. Respect.




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