New music on ABC!!! 15 track album from Noistruct. This is deep and scary. Noisy and intricate. A bit on the darkside. Compulsion:666 is 66minutes and 6seconds long (You see what he did there). A lot of work has gone into this monsterpiece. Very intricate beats and melodies collide and swarm. Its 666 ways to kill yourself. Amental like a lentil. Interesting structures. Some nice flanging on the percussion. Ghostly sounds swell and depart like tormented souls screaming from the abyss. ‘Realist’ straddles the boundary of noise and rhythm, beginning with the hi-hat of doom, the percussion develops into a crunchy distorted rhythmic noise layer that fades out to reveal the eerie pads and then silence. Its a sexy album, like someone murdering me, its very intimate. Dark and dirty breaks, relentless and ruthless.



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